miercuri, 23 octombrie 2013

Vesti de la iubitul nostru frate in sustinerea anihilationismului: Ed Fudge

Edward Fudge

ANNOUNCING DVD OF 'HELL AND MR. FUDGE' MOVIE -- The wait is over! This award-winning film is inspiring, entertaining and informative -- a powerful witness to the grace and love of God. See it for yourself and share it with friends and family. Order your copies now for shipment on or before November 15. CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

'LINE OF FIRE' APPROACHES -- God willing, next Tuesday, October 29, from 2:00-3:00 p.m., Eastern Time, Edward and Dr. Michael Brown, host of "Line of Fire," discuss the nature of hell and the final fate awaiting those who reject eternal life. One of America's foremost national Christian call-in radio shows, "Line of Fire" is heard on 250+ stations across the United States and on the internet. To hear the show live via internet, go to www.AskDrBrown.org and click on "ListenLive." The program can also be heard or downloaded later on the host website.

WHERE HISTORY AND THEOLOGY MEET -- "In summary, if the interests of Christian faith and theology in the Jesus who really lived are to recognize the disclosure of God in this history of Jesus, then testimony is the theologically appropriate, indeed the theologically necessary way of access to the history of Jesus, just as testimony is also the historically appropriate, indeed the historically necessary way of access to this 'uniquely unique' historical event. It is in the Jesus of testimony that history and theology meet." -- Richard Bauckham, Jesus and the Eyewitnesses: The Gospels as Eyewitness Testimony, 508.

'FIVE MINUTES ALONE' -- This is the new weekly podcast of my good friend, Dr. Jeff Christian, senior minister of Bering Drive Church of Christ in Houston, Texas, which happens to have been my local family of faith for the past 31 years. For the podcasts alone, and I urge you to start at the first and hear them all, click here, but you had as well click here and enjoy the whole website.

SCREENINGS -- During the rest of October and the month of November, you can watch the movie "Hell and Mr. Fudge" at screenings in Alaska (Delta Junction, Valdez), California (Paradise, Loma Linda), Colorado (Gunnison), Massachusetts (Methuen, Billerica), Oregon (Sutherlin),Washington (Winlock), and British Columbia, Canada (Prince George). For full details and a trailer, go to http://www.hellandmrfudge.com

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